Wine tourism + accommodation

Wine tourism + accommodation

1. Visit Empordàlia

At the heart of Empordà you can find Empordàlia where we offer all year an enjoying  day in our cooperative in Pau where you can see the old oil and new mill as well as our warehouse. In addition we offer a tasting of three wines, oil from Pau and tastings called “l’Emporda on the table”visita_0[1]

Monday to Saturday- 9.00h to 18.00h

Sunday- 9.00h to 14.00h

Price: visit (x2) + double bedroom + breakfast = 102 Eur.

(High season: 3 nights minimum)

2. Visit Empordália + lunch

Empordàlia gives you the opportunity to visit the old and new oil mill, the Sinols wine cellar and tasting wine and products of Emporda ending with a gourmet lunch based on local products.
Gastronomic Menu: Salad (2); Assorted charcuterie (2); Assorted roasted vegetables (2); Assorted of anchovies (2); Ration of rice, bread with and without tomato, Sinols White or Black, Water, assorted cookies with sweet licours and finally, coffees.

April to September: Monday to Sunday from 19.00h-09.30h 15.00h 22.00hvisita_dinar[1]

October to March: Monday to Sunday 09.30h-15.00h

Price: visit (x2) + lunch (x2) + double bedroom + breakfast = 130 Eur.

(High season: 3 nights minimum)

3. Visit Empordàlia + lunch + visit St. Pere de Rodes

After visit the oil mill and wine cellar Empordàlia we offer the possibility of raising to the Monastery of St.. Pere de Rodes. Here you can enjoy Romanesque art and the majestic views.sant-pere-de-rhodes[1]

Price: visit (x2) + lunch (x2) + St.Pere de Rodes + double bedroom + breakfast = 142 Eur.

Price: visit (x2) + St.Pere de Rodes + double bedroom + breakfast = 115 Eur.

(High season: 3 nights minimum)

4. Enokayak

Meeting at the beach of Llançà.Enokayak[1]

kayaking with a guide through the coves till Garbe where we do a tasting of 3 wines.

Price: enokayak (x2) + double bedroom + breakfast = 160 Eur.

(High season: 3 nights minimum)

5. Visit Empordàlia + Blau de Roses

11:00 a.m.-tour and tasting  products of Empordàlia.
4:00 p.m.: Departure by boat Blau Roses.

You will do a tour to the different coves of Cap de Creus and you can see the seabed through the glasses installed in the bottom of the boat.Blau de Roses

Price: visit (x2) + Blau de Roses + double bedroom + breakfast = 134 Eur.

(High season: 3 nights minimum)

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